Interactive Websites

An interactive website is an internet page that utilizes different types of software to create a vibrant and interactive experience for the site user. The interactive website provides the user with active engagement with the website. For instance, a website providing weather forecasts for specific regions. If such a site is interactive, the user will only be required to key in his/her location and automatically displays the weather report of the user location. The website might also provide weather information for plenty of countries across the universe. This feature allows you to get a glimpse of weather in different parts of the world.

Benefits to the user

There are different kinds of interactive websites, including forums, blogs, social networks, and wikis. Interactive websites have unique features that enable you to change the way the site displays, interacts with peers online, play games, and perform a handful of tasks. Plenty of this include:

Submission of photos, stories, blogs, and videos

Some features like pop-up, live chat, and help screens enable user-friendly, context-sensitive support.

Such websites grant personalization of experience and content based on demographics and history.

Enables online transactions

Interactive features like clickable maps and calculators allow the user to explore various company services.

Best interactive websites for you

There are plenty of interactive websites on the internet today. Let us take a look at some of the best examples of interactive websites for you today.

Interactive music video

This website is a perfect example of an interactive website. As the name suggests, it is a music video interactive website. An interactive music video website allows the user to interact in different ways. It enables you to listen to music and interact by holding down the space bar key, set the music language, progress, and download music for free. This is different from other music websites, which only allow you to listen and add songs on different listening modes. Quite distinctive, right?

Style novels

Style novels is a unique, innovative furniture website with features like high-quality photography and beautiful animations. Ever came across a website that has been built with a user-based navigation system enabling you to explore products as per your needs? Well, style novels provide you with more than that. It is different from other websites because other furniture websites display furniture with descriptions and simple photos directly using card designs and grids. This is an exclusive unique interactive website. Visit and hover around.

Ocean school

Are you fond of the ocean and ocean life? Well, you are in the right place. Ocean school is an interactive website that lets the user explore and learn everything about the ocean just by the effect of a scrolling mouse. Ocean school is packed with a variety of ocean-related designs like the white and blue color schemes, fluid effects and animations, and images of marine animals in the 3D effect. It is easy to get around the website because it has linear navigation on the screen.


Everyone loves to run productive and meaningful meetings just by holding simple conversations. Navigator is a clean and interactive teamwork assistant that enables you to carry out your desired session. It performs this with a super cute interactive robot on the home page. This site is elementary to use since it is of a two-column design.