E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites can be regarded as online portals that aid online trade of services or goods. This is done via the transfer of funds and information via the internet. In the old way of doing e-commerce, phone calls and emails were the main channels. Nowadays, everything matters transactions are executed online via a single website. Let us look at different types of e-commerce websites based on their functionality and the top e-commerce websites available today.

Types of E-commerce Websites Based On Functionality

Business to Consumer (B2C): this is the process of electronic transfer or sale of services and products directly between an organization or business and end-users (consumers). B2C companies are companies that are known to sell directly to customers hence the name Business to Consumer. For instance, you purchase a new pair of shoes from an online store.

Business to Business (B2B): this is the electronic transfer of products and services between one company to the other. This time the end-user is another company. In most cases, a business sells SAS to other entities.

Consumer to Business (C2B): this is the process in which consumers electronically transact products or services to businesses or companies. An excellent example of Consumer to Business transaction is where a social media influencer offers affiliate marketing services to an organization and uses his/her online audience as potential customers to the company in exchange for a fee.

Consumer to Consumer: unlike Customer to Business transaction, this involves the electronic transfer/transaction of goods/products and services from one consumer to another consumer. This is effective using third parties. For instance, you can sell your used laptop to another consumer on Olx or eBay.

Building an E-commerce Website

If you are looking forward to earning yourself extra money, you might have hit the jackpot. Selling your goods/products online could see you realize that dream. In modern times, the easiest way to achieve many potential customers for your products is by introducing your goods or services on an e-commerce website. E-commerce websites possess a more significant advantage than physical shops. This reason has driven many traders to create e-commerce websites and introduce their products and services to the internet. Building an e-commerce website is a useful bold step towards taking your business to the next level.

The good news is you need not be a tech guru to build an e-commerce website for your business. You have options when it comes to making an e-commerce website. You can engage a team of developers to aid in website creation or utilize the various e-commerce platforms to create a website yourself. Using e-commerce websites is the easiest way of creating your website.

Walk with me as we explore some of the best e-commerce website builders.


Shopify is used by over a million online stores globally. This makes Shopify the most popular e-commerce platform. This platform is best suited for traders looking forward to engaging in large volume e-commerce store. Shopify offers more than seventy premium user-friendly themes. It is effortless to use and customize these themes. The Shopify app store has over three thousand apps to choose from. The purpose of having these apps is to enhance functionality and add features to your e-commerce store. Shopify will offer you 14 days free trial.


Magneto is a powerful e-commerce and CMS platform ideal for business of any size and type. Magneto powers more than two hundred thousand e-commerce websites. Magneto offers over 3000 3rd party extensions, and it is an open-source platform. This feature can make your business adaptable for any situation and make it unique. You might want to utilize this platform.

Big Commerce

Big-commerce is a trustworthy and highly reputable e-commerce website builder. Big-commerce should be considered as a top option for you. While utilizing Big-commerce, you will encounter features like quote management, bulk pricing rates, customer price lists, and customer groups. More significant e-commerce sites use big commerce to help them scale quickly. Big-commerce is ideal for you if you are looking to establish a large volume, fully functional e-commerce store with all the advanced features. Furthermore, Big-commerce will provide a fifteen-day free trial.